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  1. anthony fernandez

    What paint is the best for abstract painting please some one tell me….. Sick paint tho

  2. lilmissbhaven36

    Thats fucking badass!

  3. Coolfriendsparty

    Your sims have one more point off creativity!

  4. Arthur6855

    Very Nice!

  5. shmeet

    That’s really cool!

  6. Pamela Merrick

    Amazing…did you have a plan when you approached the canvas?

  7. tony nguyen

    enjoyed watching your? video . Thank you for sharing my friend !
    Please check? out my videos and? tell me what you? think!

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  9. 1mehtap12


  10. ImanniShows


  11. SenseShine1

    Very beautiful

  12. suzasana

    love it!!

  13. feiya97

    so nice :O
    i wanna do abstract art

  14. chriss1152


  15. ThePorkchop77


  16. Lea s

    i wish i could see that in real life. its incredible how your mind works that you didn’t have to sketch it out first.

  17. jjivie88

    I love this painting and the video is awesome. I keep watching it. I wish I could see it a little slower so I can see your techniques a little better (but I guess you’ve got to keep something secret)… Thank you much!

  18. jjivie88

    I love this painting and the video is awesome. I keep watching it. I wish I could see it a little slower so I can see your techniques a little better (but I guess you’ve got to keep something secret)… Thank you much!

  19. Trevor Tabor


  20. Spitha Roo


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  22. pallavi09style

    wow thats awesome

  23. Mj Addas

    This is so gorgeous!

  24. Sir Whistler

    Nice work.

  25. sinfuledge

    Awesome! nice and smooth! Watch my vids!

  26. Startwister

    Thank you very much!

  27. daniel rice

    This is awesome!

  28. Startwister

    Thank you! This is an older video, when I still had a webcam, and I edited with windows movie maker. Then it was possible to ad timelapse effects. Since I have a digital camcorder, I can´t do that anymore, and I have to cut faster. I was thinking about ading some dolly shots, but for that, I would need a second person.

  29. Startwister

    you´re welcome

  30. Shou Yuan

    really like the way you filmed this, with the timelapse effects on each planet, good piece too…!

  31. Billy Milner


  32. Startwister

    Startwister 1 second ago

    Gold? That´s just regular yellow – the exact name is “sunproof yellow light”. I started with a very thin layer for the basis, and worked out the details at the end by ading plenty of yellow. The colour is the same.

  33. Billy Milner

    What was the gold touch?

  34. Startwister

    you´re welcome

  35. kirin631

    Thank you

  36. Startwister

    Those are called fine extra-soft artist pastels. Regular soft pastels will do too, I´m using those sometimes, but the artist pastels are really good to work with. They are high in pigmentation, blend perfectly, wich is great for nebulae, and you can use them in many different ways and techniques, like you can see in my tutorials. The downside is, they are quite expensive – 3 euro/ 4 USD per piece.

  37. kirin631

    What kind of crayons are you using? Chalk ? Charcoal?

  38. Startwister

    Thank you very much!

  39. Startwister

    It´s really just, what you see. to get the basis, I create dust by scratching the crayon with my fingernail and use some kitchen paper to dispense it on the paper. Then I just paint some dots and random lines to get some structure into the nebula. I have done a tutorial on nebulae, where everyting is explained step by step. It´s called “Tutorial: How to create a nebula with pastel crayons / Wie man einen Gasnebel zeichnet”. Thanks for watching and comment. If you need more information, just ask

  40. zgaryhall

    Brilliant,great imagination shown :)

  41. itsahrims

    how do you just…splash the paint on the canvas/paper? it may be a simple/dumb question. but i want to know if there is more to it than what i can see on the video.

  42. Startwister

    I´m always glad to see people being creative after watching my videos. Keeps me going. Thank you for watching and comment!

  43. NALMassage

    My son and I paint these with your help. but we were laubhinv

  44. Startwister

    Thank you for watching and comment. As long as you don´t have to paint specific constellations, this really is the easiest way to create lots of stars in almost no time. Of course, you always have to be careful, when you work with the plastic foil. Also use only soft pastels to create stars – it wont work with oil pastels!

  45. Lovelykay0914

    Thank you, I learned so much from this video. I’ve been trying to find a good way to make the stars when painting nebulas! I was using white paper and I found that the oil pastel doesn’t cover color pencils so I was doting all the stars first then adding the color over top but this way is so so much better and a lot less time consuming.

  46. Startwister

    Thank you very much! I would have to look up the song titles, but I can tell you right now, who´s the artist: Me!
    All the audio tracks, used in any of my videos are produced by myself with magix music maker and soundpools. All of course license and copyright free.

  47. Gabe Botkin

    Beautiful work! any chance you could list the songs and artists used for the music? I really like it :]

  48. Startwister

    Indeed it is. You can create whole galaxies that way. Of course, the stars and galaxies are very delicate, even after sealing them with some fixative or hair spray, so you have to handle those kind of paintigs very careful. I only use very easy techniques to create my artwork. I don´t consider myself as a great artist, and I just want to show, that anyóne can do it.

  49. Furydragon7

    So, the stars were just shavings off the pastel itself and you used some saran wrap to set them into the paper? I’m trying to create a title picture for my new book I’m writing, and I’m no good at creating stars.

  50. Startwister

    The whole painting was created with soft pastel crayons (planet, nebula and the stars). It´s all the same material, only used in different techniques. I made several tutorials, I can recomend to you – in that case specially “how to create a nebula with pastel crayons” , where I explain everything step by step.

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